A silly bot

So, I decided the other day to make a Reddit bot. I wanted to learn a bit about the Reddit API, so I dug around a bit and found PRAW.

The Python Reddit API Wrapper is pretty fabulous. All the API handling is already there, and it made writing a bot fantastically easy. 

The best way to figuring something like this out, in my mind, is to pick a problem to tackle. The problem is chose is xxRECKONERxx.

Reckoner is pretty well known on r/cigars. His “fans” love to downvote everything he does, to the point that Downvote became his nickname when we were on the Drew Estate Cigar Safari. So, I wrote a bot to show him some love.

The bot follows his every move on Reddit, and upvotes his comments and submissions. For any it upvotes, it then comments with a semi random comment.

After looking around a bit, I decided to host the bot itself on RamNode. Plenty cheap, and gave me everything I needed.

If you want to see how the bot looks, check it out on GitHub.


~ by Benjamin Kenneally on August 1, 2013.

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