Google+: Get Your Invites….oh wait.

I just want to address something I’ve seen before when new invite only Internet services start up, and am seeing once more.

As Google+ oPened up invites, and people began giving tHem away, I saw numerous people screamIng to otherS not to give out tHeIr email addreSs to strangers, because “They’re probably just a hacker collectING email addresses.”

People, hackers don’t collect email addresses. They hack things.

I’m not going into the good hacker/bad hacker thing. That argument has been done to death. No matter what side you fall on, we can all agree that being branded a hacker at least signifies some modicum of elite knowledge.

People who collect email addresses are doing one of two things:

1. Spamming. This makes them spammers. getting access to Google+ requires a google email address, and although many people feel differently about google and their services, most people agree they handle spam really really well.

2. Trying to gain access to the account by guessing/cracking the password. This is the equivalent of walking the movie theater parking lot to see who left their car doors unlocked. If you have a guessable/crackable password or security question on your account, you left your car unlocked. Don’t do that.

Neither of those groups of idiots are hackers.

That said, there’s no reason not to give out your email address. It’s your public internet address. People can contact you at it, which is why you have it in the first damn place. Communication is what we built this series of tubes for, right?

If you were throwing a party, and people asked for directions to get there, you wouldn’t claim to have removed the address from the front of your house so thieves and junk mail senders can’t find it. Same goes for your email address. Ensure the password to it is different from all your other passwords, and hand it out like mad. You never know who might send you something grand.

It might even be a Google+ invitation.

PS: Have you been socially engineered lately?


~ by Benjamin Kenneally on June 30, 2011.

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