Backtrack 5, Day One

First, I’d like to thanks muts and the entire Backtrack development crew for all the work they do.

So, Backtrack 5 was released yesterday. I spent some time downloading and playing around with VMs. And yes, I’m still seeding. I was seeding BT4 up until I finished a BT5 download, and will continue to do so until I get a bandwidth cap slapped on me. We all know it’s coming.

I decided to start out playing with the 64 bit KDE version, just for a change. I like KDE, but I’m not especially partial to either it or Gnome. I do 90% of my work from the CLI anyway, so it’s really just a nice background and something to give me an easy interface for a music player.

Still, I began the experience with some startx issues. After looking at /var/log, I was having issues determining the trouble. Meaning, I could see it was a video problem of some kind (imagine that, from a window manager!), but not much else. As usual, my old friend the BT Forums held the answer. Seems some of the cache files were the source of the trouble.

rm /root/.kde/cache-root/icon-cache.kcache
rm /root/.kde/cache-root/plasma_theme_Volatile.kcache

Worked for many. If that still doesn’t to it, you may need:

rm /root/.kde/cache-bt/icon-cache.kcache
rm /root/.kde/cache-bt/plasma_theme_Volatile.kcache

For me, that did the trick. Fired up the gui, and decided to begin by installing VMWare Tools. If I’m in a VM, it’s nice to be able to jump back and forth easily, so why not.

Well, this had issues too, on purpose. By design, kernel sources are unprepared here, so the script cannot locate the kernel. So:

cd /usr/src/linux
cp -rf include/generated/* include/linux/

Note you need to be connected to the internet for this, as it launches aptitude to grab the needed info. I did find it interesting that the default is now to boot up with networking initialized on BT, as opposed to having to start it manually like in past editions. Still, the option to boot without it (Stealth Boot) is still there, and it will probably cause about 100 people less to ask about it daily in the forums.

After that, I started to play.

BT5 is sexy. Things run a little smoother than they did before. Nexpose installed without issue, and I got Nexpose and Metasplot integration up and running (which took some DB finagling, but all was well), and made a new Teensy with SET since mine finally came in the mail. Changed things so they’re how I like. Yakuake and tmux were installed. It’s all so nice.

Interesting to see that Armitage is installed in this edition. I’ve never played with it, might give it a go tomorrow. A few other changes in there. Was a full Forensic toolkit in BT4? I don’t recall if I installed it all myself or if it came supplied.

Well, all in all a great release. I’m impressed by what this crew has done. They give so much to the community. I hope to be as cool as them someday.

Edit: Seems the startx issue happens every bootup, so I threw the commands into the /etc/rc.local file and made it executable. Problem solved.


~ by Benjamin Kenneally on May 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Backtrack 5, Day One”

  1. could you tell me how to connect to nexpose on backtrack 5 ??

    because i’m having an issue

    [*] Connecting to NeXpose instance at with username root…
    [-] Connection failed: Login Failed

    How to solve this problem?

  2. Thanks a lot i will have a look 🙂

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