Back that booty up…

along with everything else! It’s World Backup Day!

Your data is going to get screwed. Your hard drive will die, your desktop machine will get rootkitted, your laptop will get seized by the TSA and used as a chewtoy for drug dogs, and your MP3 player will hit the pavement while out on your morning jog.

These things will happen. And the data you love will be lost. Pull out your hard USB hard drives, burn a stack of DVD’s, sign up for Carbonite, whatever you need to do. Just back it up! All of it!

As someone who never thought about backing up their console game saves, and had their PS3 die this week, I’ll remind you to back those up too. My mastery of dd might be great, but since PS3’s encrypt all their data, it doesn’t matter. I’m never getting them back.

So, back it up!


~ by Benjamin Kenneally on March 31, 2011.

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