A Low Key Gathering Day 1

Just a few notes on the night. A more comprehensive write up on the entire weekend will be forthcoming.

Neil was awesome. Funny, warm, and fantastic. He started off by reading the entire House on the Rock section from American Gods.

He answered a lot of questions. He had some great comments regarding his thoughts on why some people become myths and some don’t. He gave his point of view on Joseph Campbell’s works. He informed us that maybe possibly if the stars align it could be that an American Gods TV series could happen. He spoke about why he’s so accessible to his fans. (Quote of the night: “Twitter is to blogging like crack cocaine is to a nice glass of red wine.”)

He then read us a poem entitled “My Last Landlady” which captured the Hallowe’en vibe quite well. He finished with a reading of a short story about Saint Oran and Saint Columba and the island of Iona, a tale I knew before, but which was beautifully executed by Gaiman.

We then went and stood in line to have things signed. The line was long, and I arrived at Neil just after midnight. I can only imagine how tired he was, but he was still very kind, and talked to me for a few moments. He’s probably just finishing now. Sleep well, Neil, and thank you!

Also, a special thank you to the people from Illinois in front of me in the line. They were very nice, and included me in any conversations of theirs I felt like taking part in. They made the time pass quickly, and were even pretty understanding when an occasional joke attempt was a lame duck. Hey, it was getting late!

Also, special thanks to @nerdfoo for being extremely gracious when I jumped in on conversations he was having not once, but twice. I love Geekdad, and it was cool to meet you.

You’ll see a full write up posted here soon!


~ by Benjamin Kenneally on October 30, 2010.

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